Ambassador: China has evacuated most nationals from Afghanistan
Updated 18:50, 28-Aug-2021

Most Chinese nationals have been evacuated from Afghanistan, the Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Wang Yu told CGTN on Saturday.

In written comments to CGTN, Wang said the embassy has been in communication and coordination with the Afghan Taliban.

The Afghan Taliban have promised to ensure the safety of Chinese nationals, institutions and enterprises in the country, said Wang.

They have issued letters of security guarantee to some Chinese nationals in need, Wang added.

The embassy has also urged those who have voluntarily decided to stay in Afghanistan to strengthen security awareness and measures, adhere to local religious customs and stay away from areas where security cannot be guaranteed, such as Kabul airport.

Speaking of trade cooperation between China and Afghanistan, Wang said Afghanistan has exported over 3,000 tonnes of pine nuts to China via the China-Afghanistan air corridor in recent years, valued at over $34 million. 

China has been assisting Afghanistan in infrastructure construction and people's livelihood improvement, such as constructing teaching buildings and hospitals, the ambassador said.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, China has provided medical supplies to Afghanistan such as oxygenerators, breathing machines, testing kits and vaccines among others, contributing to the country's fight against the coronavirus, he said. 

When asked how China would contribute to the peace process and reconstruction in Afghanistan, Wang reiterated that China respects the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Afghanistan.

China adheres to the principle of non-interference of Afghanistan's internal affairs and is willing to increase communication with the international communication to encourage Afghanistan to build an open and inclusive political system, pursue moderate and steady domestic and foreign policies, and completely cut off ties with all terrorist organizations, stressed the ambassador.

Wang added that the embassy will continue to follow the development of the situation in Afghanistan, make extensive contacts with various factions, promote bilateral friendship, and continue to help Chinese nationals in Afghanistan to solve their problems within the scope of the embassy's ability.

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