Japanese meadowsweet: Rosy pink blossoms can be aggressive

As a plant with tiny and delicate flowers, Japanese meadowsweet is a common species planted for ornamental purposes in flowerbeds, cut flowers and flower baskets. The rosy pink flowers produced by the deciduous, perennial shrub that is native to Japan, China and the DPRK can be found in gardens all over the world.

Japanese meadowsweet is also known as Japanese spiraea. It is tolerant to drought and cold temperatures but does not grow well in tropical areas. The flowers appear in clusters, blooming at the tips of branches during summer. There are many varieties with different shades of pink and other colors.

Japanese meadowsweet can also be found growing along streams, rivers and roadsides. However, as it thrives easily, it can be aggressive and "escape" your garden and grow wildly out of the fences. In some areas of the U.S., this flower is listed as an invasive species.

(All photos via VCG)

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