China says U.S. withdrawal marks a new start for Afghanistan
Updated 19:35, 31-Aug-2021

China's Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that a new page has been turned in Afghan history following the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the war-torn country. 

The U.S. withdrawal shows that the policy of arbitrary military intervention and imposition of one's values and social systems on other countries is doomed to fail, said the ministry's spokesperson Wang Wenbin. 

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Wang said the U.S. and the international community need to work together to provide Afghanistan with urgently needed economic, livelihood and humanitarian assistance, help the new Afghan political structure maintain normal operation, social security and stability, curb currency devaluation and inflation, and embark on the path of peaceful reconstruction at an early date.  

"We always respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, uphold the principle of not to interfere in the country's internal affairs and stick to friendly policies for all Afghans," Wang said. 

Afghanistan's history and reality show that to realize peace, stability and economic development, the country needs to build an open and inclusive political system, pursue moderate and steady domestic and foreign policies and completely cut off ties with all terrorist organizations, he said. 

China will continue to maintain close communication with all parties in Afghanistan and the international community, provide support and assistance within its capacity to restore peace and economy, and combat all terrorist organizations, including the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, Wang said.

(CGTN's Su Yuting also contributed to this story.)

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