Highlights from Headline Buster on Afghan casualties reports

Radio silence. Although firsthand witness accounts of civilians killed by U.S. soldiers in the Kabul airport incident exist, such reports are nowhere to be found in U.S. media! Why not? Here are some details you may have missed.


Turning a blind eye? U.S. and UK media DID report on the Afghan family of 10 that was reportedly wiped out by an errant drone attack in Kabul three days after the airport bombings, but they did so grudgingly at best. Here's how they changed their story.


A U.S. airstrike killed 10 members of an Afghan family, but how could such a devastating miscalculation occur? "Wrong intelligence, wrong time," says Ahmad Shah Katawazai, former senior Afghan diplomat, "and unfortunately the civilians pay."


Is the world numb to the number of civilian casualties in war? "Unfortunately, in some places we are," says Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer from Grasshopper Strategies. "There has never been a war confined to the battlefield."


Double standards. What if the Russian or Chinese military accidentally killed a family of 10 in an airstrike, as the U.S. did? What would be the global headlines then? Prof. Jiang Wenran from the Inst. for Peace & Diplomacy wants to know.


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