China's first data security law and its wider impact

China is taking further steps to tighten oversight of data, as the country's first Data Security Law comes into effect on September 1. Together with the Cybersecurity Law which has been in effect since 2017 and the Personal Information Protection Law which will take effect on November 1, the three laws build a comprehensive framework for online data security and privacy protection in China, each with different regulatory focuses.

What's in the new law and why is it needed? How will it affect China's digital economy and internet companies? And will it be able to maintain a balance between extracting value from data while also protecting data security?

To discuss these issues and more, we've invited He Jing, an attorney of GEN Law Firm; Prof. John Gong from University of International Business and Economics; and David Mahon, executive chairman of Mahon China Investment Management. 

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