What is the future of Afghanistan under the Taliban?

With the Americans gone, Afghanistan enters a new chapter as the Taliban take over. But will they live up to their promises, and how will society and politics be affected?

China will launch a stock exchange in Beijing for small and medium enterprises. What's the significance and how will it work?

A new school year is starting for students of all ages. Since July, the Chinese central government has implemented a sweeping series of reforms to the national education system, particularly "double reduction" policy that aims to improve the overall quality of school education, reduce excessive study burdens and protect the health of students. Will Chinese students and their parents truly feel less burdened?

For this edition of Dialogue Weekend show, we have Prof. John Gong from the University of International Business and Economics; Zmaryalai Abasin, correspondent in Kabul; Einar Tangen, independent current affairs commentator; and Wang Dan, chief economist of Hang Seng Bank (China).

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