China adds 268 plants to state protection list

China announced its amended national list of protected wild plants on Wednesday. There are 455 species of wild plants on the new list, including 54 first-class and 401 second-class protected plants, according to National Forestry and Grassland Administration and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

The new list has three major differences compared with the list published in 1999. 

Firstly, the protection level of 18 wild plants has been changed. Vatica guangxiensis and four other plants have been upgraded to first-class protected plants, while 13 first-class protected plants have been downgraded to second-class. 

Secondly, 268 wild plants have been added to the new list, such as most types of Venus slippers and some wild plants in genera Tulipa, Cymbidium and Oryza.

Thirdly, 35 wild plants have been removed from the list due to their broad distribution, large population and stable conditions. 

China is home to over 36,000 embryophyte, and nearly 50 percent of them are endemic species. The amended list aims to better save endangered wild plants and preserve biodiversity in China.

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