UNHCR chief on Afghanistan
World Insight with Tian Wei

Climate change, COVID-19 pandemic, conflicts, and calamities are crises in the world today. What these crises inevitably lead to are people forced to flee their homes, face starvation and often fight for their survival. That's where the United Nations High Commission for Refugees steps in, to help ease the misery of humanity seeking refuge from the worst catastrophes. Today, these refugee hotspots include the poorest pandemic-hit nations, aid-starved Afghanistan and conflicts in Africa. China has done its part in supporting UNHCR work that has helped tens of thousands with healthcare and shelter in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. China announced on Wednesday it will provide more than $30 million worth of emergency supplies to Afghanistan. CGTN host Tian Wei had a chance to catch up with the UNHCR chief, Filippo Grandi.

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