'Shared Destiny-2021' UN peacekeeping field training held in C China
Updated 15:00, 12-Sep-2021

Troops from Mongolia, Pakistan and Thailand took part in armed escort, security and patrol, protection of civilians (POC) and terrorist attack response exercises at the "Shared Destiny-2021" UN peacekeeping field training now underway in Queshan County, central China's Henan Province.

Zhang Yiming, a commanding officer of the exercises, says the participating foreign troops have mastered the operation of all equipment involved in the drills and are carrying out professional training in their respective fields. 

China's People's Liberation Army will conduct joint exercises and training with the foreign troops in the next few days.

(Cover: The Mongolian military in "Shared Destiny-2021" UN peacekeeping field training exercise. /ChinaPictorial)

Video editor: Zheng Songwu

Cameraman: Fu Gaoliang

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