Sustainability offers win-win solution for fishing industry in Fujian

Fishing farms in a coastal city of east China's Fujian Province have upgraded their facilities to improve the quality of yellow croaker breeding and achieve sustainable development with financial support from the city.

The city of Ningde, located on the northeastern coast of Fujian, is home to one of China's most popular fish species -- the yellow croaker.

Decades of conservation and mariculture farming have helped revive the fish population, which was once nearly extinct due to overfishing. Fish farms in Ningde raise more than 7,000 tons of yellow croaker annually.

About three years ago, the local government began offering subsidies to upgrade the fishing farms, which helps to improve the quality of fish.

The cages can reach deeper, which offers more space for the fish to move; consequently, the overall output and taste of the fish are better.

Yet, the country's largest yellow croaker exporter still faces surging shipping fees and other uncertainties due to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic challenges.

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