Election Committee candidate calls for more understanding between HKSAR and mainland
By Dong Xue

Prominent business woman Pansy Ho has been meeting people on the streets of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), as she makes a bid for a seat on the Election Committee of the SAR. As an executive member of the All-China Women's Federation, she qualifies as a candidate for the "fifth sector" of the committee, which includes local representatives of national organizations.

CGTN's Dong Xue sat down with her, and got her views on the election and the revamped electoral system.

CGTN: Over the weekend, you joined a campaign to boost public interest in the up-coming election, as well as promoting the idea of "patriots governing HK". So how was it?

Pansy Ho: As a group, actually also doubling as the member of All-China Women Federation, which is the sector we are now actually representing, it is important for us to explain to the Hong Kong people first why is there need for the new election amendments and how does that actually help Hong Kong people realize that our government in Beijing always has wanted to give more say to the public. This is a way of letting more of the general public to participate, to express their views through us.

CGTN: Speaking of "patriots governing Hong Kong", what's your make of "partriots"?

Pansy Ho: Being a patriot, I think, is something that is accepted by all, even honored all through the world. As a patriot, you embrace your own country's culture, and you want your country to advance.

Hong Kong has always been looked upon as a very open society that people want to continue to enjoy the freedom in expressing themselves. This actually is also why it is important that we need to understand clearly, because whatever we say will make our stance and therefore if we are not sure about even what is good for us, we probably should not actually be just let by others ideas.

CGTN: While you were campaigning, did you get a sense of what voters want for Hong Kong in the years ahead?

Pansy Ho: Many people have indicated many common issues of concerns, including the prices of housing. They are also worried at how are we going to be ensuring that we do not go back to seeing what 2019 had basically caused disharmony, almost the breaking up of the very important social fabric. They also are concerned in education reform. They realize that after the return of sovereignty, the policy did not provide for Hong Kong citizens to learn more about our country and our history.

We talk about the fourteenth Five-Year Plan. They said what does that have to concern me, because this is high up there, for the politicians, for the businessmen. I said no, even though I am a businesswoman. That's why I'm here. I would need to tell you from my own perspective to be able to explain to you what matters in terms of how it's going to elevate the overall well-being of the average citizen.

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