Cybersecurity is a key focus at 2021 World Internet Conference
By Chen Tong

Cybersecurity took center stage at the 2021 World Internet Conference, which ended on Tuesday in China's water town of Wuzhen.

At "The Light of Internet" expo, part of the World Internet Conference, Chinese tech firm QI-ANXIN brought its AI face imitation technology, which allows users to make their favorite pop star's expressions mirror their own, record their own facial expressions and the pop star imitates their smile or frown.

The technology has already being used in many areas, such as animation production. But QI-ANXIN featured the product to draw attention to another topic: data privacy and protection.

"Because of the development of the technology, many people are using facial recognition technology to commit fraud. We hope to improve people's awareness of personal security and not allow your fingerprints to be randomly collected," said Hong Weifei, security expert of QI-ANXIN Technology Group.

Safety was highlighted at the exhibition, with some tech firms also providing solutions. Ant Group debuted its computer privacy solution called Morse Station, which can protect user data while also sharing it with other business partners. It was Ant Group's first time showcasing such technology, and the solution will be put into commercial use soon.

"Industries such as finance and healthcare, which have a high demand for data protection and data storage, can use our Morse Station to protect their data," said He Yuhao, senior product manager of Ant Group's AntChain.

In addition to QI-ANXIN and Ant Group, other firms such as Kaspersky Lab, Alibaba and SME Credit also showcased safety-related products.

While internet innovations were highlighted in previous years, personal data protection was a hot topic this year. In addition to the safety-related products at the expo, 14 leading global internet achievements were awarded on Sunday, with many of them also related to technology to tackle data protection and cybersecurity problems.

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