China urges U.S. to stop abusing state power to suppress Chinese firms

China urged the United States to stop abusing state power to suppress Chinese firms, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying on Wednesday. 

Hua made the remarks after the U.S. Federal Communications Commission stated earlier this week that it would be launching a new program to help replace all the Huawei-made equipment in the country's networking infrastructure.

Facing such a severe epidemic and economic situation, the U.S. should have used the fund where it is more urgently needed, Hua said. 

The so-called "national security" is nothing but a clumsy excuse for the United States to implement national bullying and trade protectionism against Chinese high-tech companies, said Hua. 

The Chinese government will continue to firmly safeguard Chinese companies' legitimate rights and interests, Hua added.

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