Ding Dong's Hydrangea Garden: A lovely garden with hope
By Ding Qian

Ding Dong's garden is located in the busy Pudong District of Shanghai. The family moved into the house in early spring of 2017 and started to build a garden of their own. In the second year after moving in, the hydrangea trail began to take shape. The family then paved a flagstone road by themselves, so the garden can be arranged with a more charming effect. There are at least a hundred kind of plants in Ding Dong's garden. Among them, the number of hydrangeas are the largest and among the gorgeous ones. The hydrangea is full and round, very pleasing to the eye. It's commonly cultivated as an ornamental plant. Check out the video to see Ding Dong's lovely garden and her choices of growing hydrangeas. 

Video director: Ding Qian 

Videographer: Ma Lei

Video editors: Ding Qian, Liu Haibo

Cover image designed by Liu Shaozhen

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