China's newest continuous transonic wind tunnel FL-62 in 60 seconds

China has completed the construction of its FL-62 continuous transonic wind tunnel. With a volume of 17,000 cubic meters and a weight of more than 6,600 tonnes, the FL-62 is one of the most advanced continuous transonic wind tunnels in the world. A wind tunnel is a large piece of equipment that creates a simulated air environment in a cave-like facility to test the aerodynamics of aircraft. Most of China's active-duty fighter jets have been tested in a wind tunnel. The difficulty of building an FL-62 is no less than developing a stealth fighter jet. It took hundreds of Chinese researchers years to develop an 80,000-kilowatt compressor, the main power source of the FL-62 wind tunnel. The FL-62 will be used in the testing and design of China's next-generation fighter jets, and is a strategic component of China's aviation industry.

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