Songzhuang Culture and arts festival: NFT art and cyberpunk installations at the spotlight
By Shen Li

Situated in the eastern suburbs of Beijing, Songzhuang is known as one of the biggest art communities in China and the world, with up to 7,000 artists living and working there. Over the weekend, the annual Songzhuang Culture & Arts Festival opened in the art community. And NFT art and cyberpunk installations are a major draw.

From oil paintings, digital print, sculptures to art installations, "So Art: The Way of Chao" shows rising talents from China's pop art scene.

Four artists, all with distinctive artistic approaches, have presented a visual feast and invites the audience to ponder on the world we live in today. 

Ding Wenyao, one of the participating artists, uses graffiti art to reconnect with his cultural roots, with two of his works inspired by traditional Chinese culture.

He called his work non-linear graffiti art. "It may seem chaotic at first sight, but when you take a closer look, a certain pattern will emerge, and you get the subject," he explained.

Meanwhile, artist Zhi Zhi is taking us into the digital realm with his rabbit alter-ego series and cyberpunk-style installations. "In the real world, we're confined with many restrictions, but in the digital world, there are infinite possibilities," he said.

Artist Ding Wenyao's non-linear graffiti art on display. /CGTN

Artist Ding Wenyao's non-linear graffiti art on display. /CGTN

And artist Ren Meng is also offering a little comfort from mundane life. All the animal characters in his paintings have heart-shaped eyes. Through his "Touched" series, he hopes to remind people of the treasured moments in life. 

"The artworks helped me cheer up and I hope to convey that healing power to more people," he added.

Artist Ren Meng's graffiti art on display. /CGTN

Artist Ren Meng's graffiti art on display. /CGTN

Artist Zhou Yang is taking us back to age of the knights. Victorian style collars, shinning armours, and a very vibrant color palette, he wants to explore the possibilities of chivalry spirit in a modern day society. 

"I think in modern days, we still need the spirit of chivalry, to find something worth fighting for and guard it with faith," said he.

Yao Yanan, curator of the exhibition told CGTN the exhibition has taken full advantage of the internet and catching the trend of NFT art, so young arstists could be known to a wider audience and the audience could get a more interactive experience.

The festival is also offering a special art sale, amateur friendly. At the Super Gallery, visitors get to purchase original artworks by artists living in the community at a bargain. They can also take a stroll through the open-air market and enjoy some live music performances. 

The Songzhuang Culture & Arts festival was first inaugurated in 2005 and aims to showcase the diversified and vibrant art scene there.

(Cover: Zhi Zhi's installation on display during Songzhuang Culture & Arts Festival. /CGTN)

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