Ice hockey venue undergoes final 'health check' on power equipment
Wang Siwen

At Wukesong Sports Center's main power distribution room, the power security team conducted a final "health check" on the power equipment. It's the first Winter Olympics venue that conducted a systems check on its power equipment for the Games.

The check was to assess the functional modules in each grid. Switches and power cords, the "blood vessels" of the power system must be in good condition to ensure the equipment works without a hitch throughout the Games. 

Zhang Zhende, the power manager at Wukesong Sports Center said, "This is the final and most in-depth check before the test competition. It is the first venue in Beijing to carry out a comprehensive physical examination of power facilities, guaranteeing the test runs and the competitions later on." 

The team has been checking on its systems since September. Back up plans are being set in place. 

Wang Ting, the deputy power manager at Wukesong Sports Center said," We call it "zero flicker". How to achieve it? Firstly, we need to ensure the reliability of the power supply. Secondly, we have the ATS device which is dual power automatic transfer switch, achieving zero-second switching. At same time, we have UPS device, which is uninterruptible power supply device, ensuring the lighting of the game, audio and video are uninterrupted. 

With a capacity of 18,000 spectators, Wukesong Sports Center serves as the main indoor venue for ice hockey at the 2022 Winter Games. During the test competition in November, the electricity load can reach over 4,000 kilowatts, about four times than the daily electricity load, and the health check shapes up as a final sprint toward the final preparation. 

With just over a hundred days till the opening ceremony, Beijing is entering the final stretch of preparations, and the "health check" on the power equipment is expected to help in ensuring smooth operations and delivering a safe Winter Olympics.

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