Putin says Europe's gas price crunch caused by systemic flaws
Updated 20:56, 13-Oct-2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin said systemic flaws in Europe's energy sector are responsible for the current supply crisis, and Russia's partners would be advised against trying to blame Moscow for gas shortages.

"The spike in gas prices in Europe was the result of a deficit of electricity, and not the other way around. And it's not worth trying to lay one's own fault at someone else's door, as we say, and as some of our partners are attempting to do," Putin said, speaking at the plenary session of the Russian Energy Week forum in Moscow on Wednesday.

"Stability and predictability are important for any market. Russia fully fulfills its contractual obligations to our partners, including those in Europe, and ensures the guaranteed, uninterrupted supply of gas to this region. All the preconditions exist to ensure that Russia hits a record in the delivery of gas to the global market by the end of this year," Putin said.

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