Beijing Declaration on sustainable transport released
Beijing Declaration on sustainable transport released. /CFP

Beijing Declaration on sustainable transport released. /CFP

The Beijing Declaration on sustainable transport was released at the Second United Nations (UN) Global Sustainable Transport Conference on Saturday.

The declaration introduced a future vision for global sustainable transportation development, and proposed actions to strengthen transportation cooperation, providing an action framework for the implementation of transportation-related goals in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Nine major sustainable transport transformation measures are listed in the document, including advocating people-centered initiatives, fully considering the needs of vulnerable groups and the challenges they face, encouraging consumers to choose more sustainable transportation modes, and accelerating research and development to achieve a circular economy.

It also encourages countries to carry out international cooperation, capacity building and knowledge exchange, to promote the technological development and innovation of sustainable transportation.

The just-concluded UN conference gathered representatives from 171 countries to discuss online and offline solutions to achieve safe, accessible, green and resilient transport.

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