Land of Diversity – a documentary dedicated to COP15

The power of evolution prevails even in some of the world's toughest environments. From mammals and reptiles to flowers and leafy plants, the Himalayas have some of the world's most diverse ecosystems, which have bred the most incredible diversity of life on the planet.

Over the past year, crew of CGTN's Tech It Out Studio set out on several adventures with three groups of Chinese scientists, both into the country's most advanced labs and the most frontier wilderness of the Himalayas. From collecting specimens of rare plants to observing animal behaviors in close range, the film reveals the region's amazing biodiversity and Chinese scientists' profound commitment and efforts for their preservation. That is all in the full version of "Land of Diversity" - a featured documentary dedicated to 2021 UN Biodiversity Convention (COP15).  You may also find individual chapters of the film on CGTN and Tech It Out Studio's social media page. 

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