BizBeat Ep. 246: Chongqing set to become advanced manufacturing powerhouse
Updated 17:37, 22-Oct-2021

Editor's note: This report focuses on Chongqing as part of our special series, "Rising Star Cities," about Chinese cities whose annual GDP exceeds 1 trillion yuan ($155.4 billion, or more than the GDP of Qatar). At the end of 2020, there were 23 such cities. Click here (hyperlink: for more stories on Chongqing. You can also explore our earlier coverage of Ningbo (hyperlink: and Changsha (hyperlink:

Chongqing is one of China's most important manufacturing hubs. In its development plan for the next five to 15 years, the city centers on fully embracing an innovation-driven strategy and is set to become an intelligent and advanced manufacturing powerhouse as the traditional industrial base gets bigger, and increasingly digitalized. In today's episode of BizBeat, CGTN's Michael Wang explains. 

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