3 pretty plants to brighten your garden in autumn

Many people believe gardens look their best in spring and summer when flowers are in full bloom. But autumn flowers are just as beautiful as summer ones. Even though the temperature is cooler and leaves are turning yellow, there are still many plants that can add color to your garden or home. Here are three plants that are pretty as well as easy to take care of in autumn. 

1. Dahlia

These beautiful flowers come in an array of sizes from small balls to dinner plate-sized flowers. Their bright colors have made the plant a favorite for many gardeners. Sometimes their blooms are so heavy that you need to provide them with a support structure to keep them straight. Dahlias like water, so you need to water them thoroughly once or twice per week.  

2. Cockscomb

Named after its resemblance to a rooster comb, the plant produces brightly-colored blooms. Even when they are dried, they can still keep their bright colors, making the plant a perfect option for dried flower arrangements. Place the plant in an area with plenty of sunshine. It is resistant to pests and most diseases. Put it in well-drained and moist soil and it will grow fine. 

3. Oakleaf Hydrangea

There are many varieties of hydrangeas, but only the oakleaf variety has beautiful red, orange and yellow leaves in autumn. Their distinctive foliage makes the plant very attractive. The plant can tolerate full sun to partial shade. The plant likes evenly moist and slightly acidic soil.

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