Xi Jinping continues inspection in E China's Dongying
Updated 06:21, 23-Oct-2021

Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, continued his inspection tour of the city of Dongying in east China's Shandong Province on Thursday. 

Xi visited a high-tech demonstration area for the agricultural industry, a residential community, as well as an oil exploration research institute and a drilling platform at Shengli Oilfield, the flagship oil-producing unit of China's state-owned petroleum giant Sinopec. 

He checked on the comprehensive use of saline-alkali soil and the development of modern agriculture in the Yellow River Delta, the relocation of residents in the flood plain of the river and the innovative development of the oilfield.  


On Thursday morning, Xi visited a high-tech industrial demonstration zone in the Yellow River Delta and told agricultural technicians that the delta is of strategic importance, both in ecological protection and agricultural development. 

Land resources are very valuable, Xi said, adding that the development of salt-resistant crops can increase the productivity of soil and help ensure food security in China.

Then he went to the Yangmiao residential community and told the residents he has always cared about the relocation of communities in the flood plain of the Yellow River.


"It is a remarkable thing to carry out comprehensive relocation and construction. I am very pleased to see that you are living and working in peace and contentment and that rural revitalization continues to advance," Xi said.

In the afternoon, Xi inspected the work at Shengli Oilfield. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the discovery of an oilfield in Dongying, which was later named Shengli Oilfield.


Xi, on behalf of the CPC Central Committee, offered sincere greetings to the oil workers there. 

China, as a manufacturing powerhouse, must enhance self-reliance in energy amid efforts to develop the real economy, Xi said.

He encouraged oil workers to strive for new achievements when visiting a drilling platform. Oil production is of great significance to the country, Xi noted. 

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