Fu Sheng's family risked their lives to protect the book
Updated 14:42, 27-Oct-2021

As a key innovative cultural show produced by CMG, China in the Classics examines the stirring stories of ancient Chinese classics by selecting the most outstanding of these traditional cultural masterpieces and examining the creation process and core ideology in a form that combines cultural seminars, drama and visualization. It brings the ancient classics "alive," demonstrating Chinese wisdom, ethos and values implied in the ancient classics.

This episode depicts the time in the Qin Dynasty when Xiang Yu attacked Xianyang and started a fire, burning the "Book of Documents" kept by the authorities to ashes. Fu Sheng and his family decided to flee with the only known remaining copy of the book.

Along the way, Fu's son died protecting it and his wife also passed away. After he reached his hometown, he hid the copy in a wall. After more than 20 years had passed, he discovered that the book had been damaged and only 28 sections were left.

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