La Nina brings cold weather, opportunities for winter clothing sales
By Ying Junyi and Su Xinbo

With the imminent arrival of the La Nina climate pattern, the China Meteorological Administration is warning of a freezing winter ahead, as temperatures across the country have already begun to tumble. However, it may signal strong growth in this year's demand and sales of winter clothing.

Some retailers are reporting growth in their online sales, saying they have rolled out more products to meet growing demand for winter apparel. According to Everbright Securities, domestic winter clothing brands including Bosideng, Peacebird and Semir showed strong performance in late October and early November, especially during the pre-sales event of the Double Eleven shopping spree.

The growing winter apparel sales are also boosting business for textile manufacturers. Zhou Juan, founder of Wujiang Flying Textile, said they're getting a lot more orders for this winter. 

"There's a 40 to 50-percent growth in export sales and 70 to 80-percent growth in domestic sales," said Zhou. "The prediction of a cold winter this year has fueled the growth and many of those new orders come from new clients."

Zhou admitted that the hot sales might be restrained by limited production capacity due to recent power shortages. However, she said she's looking to reduce power usage in her own production and spread her orders across more factories to reduce the impact of production problems at any one.

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