China's grain reserves sufficient, supply secure: official
China's total grain reserves are currently sufficient, officials say. /CFP

China's total grain reserves are currently sufficient, officials say. /CFP

China's total grain reserves are currently sufficient and stocks of wheat and rice, the two major grain stocks, continue to increase, a Chinese official said on Wednesday.

Supply in the domestic grain market is fully guaranteed, National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration official Qin Yuyun said, adding that China's annual grain output in 2021 is projected to exceed 650 billion kilograms for the seventh consecutive year.

Current grain reserves are at a historically high level and the two major rations of wheat and rice accounted for over 70 percent of total inventory. "With several bumper harvests, the country's growing wheat stocks are sufficient to meet consumer demand for a year and a half," Qin said.

Mounting grain reserves can ensure China is "basically self-sufficient in grain with the supply of staple food absolutely safe," Qin said.

Meanwhile, the structure and layout of grain reserves have been further optimized. Local reserves have increased and corporate commodity inventories have also increased significantly, effectively enhancing the ability to prevent risks.

The country's ability to ensure its food supply has also been strengthened, Qin said, citing sufficient stocks of rice and flour products, as well as grain and oil processing capabilities.

China's Ministry of Commerce on Monday issued a statement on assuring citizens of supplies of daily necessities and stabilized prices for winter and next spring. 

The ministry also specified some requirements for local authorities to track prices of key necessities like vegetables on a daily basis and release vegetable and meat reserves in time along with other measures.

(With input from Xinhua)

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