Chinese netizens post video showing how U.S. spread COVID-19
Updated 15:28, 08-Nov-2021

A video titled "Virus Spreader" was posted on foreign social media platforms on November 5. Edited by Chinese netizens, the video shows how the U.S. exported the COVID-19 virus at the expense of the lives and health of people in other countries.

The theme was supported by a number of evidence, such as the U.S. government's decision to lift restrictions on American travelers, allowing infected travelers to become walking vectors of contagion. In addition, the U.S. troops stationed abroad were accused of undermining pandemic prevention regulations.

The video claims that the U.S., which boasts of being the global "beacon of civilization," has devolved into a COVID-19 "super spreader," damaging the rights and interests of people around the world.

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