BEYOND Tech Expo: Experts discuss tech trends at virtual opening
By Cao Bing, Wang Yuxiang

The BEYOND International Technology Innovation Expo, China's first annual flagship event on tech and innovation in Asia, kicked off virtually on Tuesday.

World-class entrepreneurs, scientists and tech experts discussed technology and investment trends and each industry's impact on shaping the world we live in today and the future.

Jessica Tan, co-CEO and group executive of Ping An Group, said the role of digitalization is becoming more obvious in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and provides lots of opportunities and possibilities for the future.

Meanwhile, Siddharth Chatterjee, United Nations resident coordinator in China, spoke about the need for a shift in technologies and innovation for a more sustainable future. 

"While legislation and regulation will catch up to companies who fail this test, those who state and prove their credentials in sustainability time and time again will be rewarded in the marketplace. Sustainability is good for humanity and good for business," he said.

The remarks have been echoed by Scott Beaumont, president of Google Asia Pacific.

"Now one of the areas where I am hoping to see technology take the lead is in climate change. Google made a statement that we want to be carbon-free by the end of the decade. And we have done that with nervousness but some excitement," he said. "I think it's important that we try, and I think it is important perhaps we set a standard."

Themed "What's next," the online panels will last for three weeks, covering a range of topics. An on-site closing event will be held in Macao at the beginning of December, which is aimed at building a platform to exchange and cooperate on new ideas and unlock new possibilities for the future of our world.

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