CIIE exhibitors more than ready for Double 11 shopping gala
By Chen Tong

The China International Import Expo (CIIE) is taking place during this year's Double 11 season, the world's largest shopping event. And exhibitors are looking at how to make the shopping experience even more convenient both online and offline.

One of the exhibitors that is well-prepared for the shopping festival is the sportswear brand Skechers. The firm has been attending the CIIE for three years now, but it's the first time they've put a QR code beside each product. The QR code leads consumers to the online shopping mall, where they can enjoy all the Double 11 discounts.

"Last year during our exhibition, many customers and visitors expressed that they want to buy our products. So it's an inspiration for us. We want to bring the offline, online shopping experience to consumers," said Megan Zhang, senior vice president of branding and communication at Skechers China.

Sellers' enthusiasm is stemming from the increasing popularity of imported products in China. Data from the e-commerce site T-mall shows that from 2019 to 2020, sales of imported products recorded an increase of more than 47 percent during the Double 11 festival. And the displays at the expo this year have become an impetus for local visitors to "buy buy buy."

In addition to Skechers, many international products are making their debut at this year's expo and the Double 11 festival as well. Global leading brands like L'Oreal, P&G and Estee Lauder will be showcasing their CIIE exhibits on T-mall.

"Overseas brands debut their new products at CIIE and sell them on T-mall. This has gradually become a regular routine for foreign brands to enter the Chinese market," said Chen Changyan, public affairs director of Alibaba's B2C retail business.

Foreign companies are more than ready for China's shopping gala. With at least 300 million imported products currently stocked on T-mall, waiting to be delivered into the hands of Chinese consumers.

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