Schneider Electric: CIIE a platform to find low-carbon solutions
By Li Xiaoyao

China has accelerated the pace of green transformation since the carbon peak and neutrality goals were announced last year. Green development has gradually become the consensus of all industries, attracting the attention of global companies.

The 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE), which concluded in Shanghai on Wednesday, provided a communication platform for businesses to work together for green development solutions.

This year's CIIE had an energy, low-carbon and environmental protection technology zone with the theme of "low-carbon development, green recovery." The special zone attracted nearly 50 well-known companies showcasing their green products.

"The CIIE is an important platform to enterprises in many aspects," said Yin Zheng, president of Schneider Electric China, adding that the CIIE narrows the distance between enterprises and customers and enables them to establish cooperation. 

The platform also provides a communication channel for companies, allowing them to jointly propose solutions for low-carbon environmental protection, said Yin.

"Digitalization can transform both energy management and industrial automation," said Yin, adding that Schneider Electric has been working on digitalization to provide more efficient power management and realize lower carbon emissions.

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