China in the Classics: 'Songs of Chu'
Updated 17:33, 14-Dec-2021

This episode of "China in the Classics" explores "Songs of Chu," the first anthology of romantic poetry in the history of Chinese literature.

Featuring masterpieces by Chinese poets like Qu Yuan and Song Yu, "Songs of Chu" has exerted a profound influence on literature with its rich local characteristics and romantic style.  

Featuring actors including Wang Luoyong and Kent Tong, the show presents a dialogue across thousands of years between contemporary reader Sa Beining and ancient writer Qu.

With focus on "In Praise of the Orange-Tree," the show dramatizes Qu's patriotism, combining his "Heavenly Questions" and China's exploration of the universe, which reflects contemporary Chinese people's inheritance and development of the spirit of exploration and innovation.

The play cleverly integrates stories from "Songs of Chu" with Qu's life experiences, immersing the audience in the anthology's romanticism. It focuses on the interpretation of Qu's love for his homeland, his courage in exploration and his pursuit of truth.

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