Long March re-creation 'Journey of Warriors' sparks online buzz

The "Journey of Warriors," China's first international co-produced adventure documentary, has aroused heated discussion on social media, with posts about the program read more than 120 million times on Weibo as of Wednesday.

The documentary recreates the Long March, testing the limits of survival.

"This is a very meaningful documentary, when encountering dangerous scenes, I can't help but be nervous for the explorers. Whether to looking back on the historical significance of the Red Army's Long March or as a purely expeditionary footage, this is worth watching," a viewer commented on Douban, a Chinese movie rating website.

"Excellent! It gives audiences a deeper understanding of the Long March," said another comment.

The documentary has also been recognized by professionals in the industry. "The film closely focuses on the theme of 'the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC),' innovating the content production and dissemination methods of the revolution history through the personal experience of Chinese and foreign guests," Zhang Yuqiang, a doctoral tutor at Communication University of China commented.

Wang Ao, chief director of the Chinese side of the documentary, said that at the beginning of shooting the team decided the film would not make a grand narrative of "explanation and landscape presentation," but directly let Chinese and foreign viewers go deep into the mountains and jungles and feel the spirit of the revolutionaries.

The documentary consists of six episodes, which invite Wallace Chung Hon-leung, Dou Xiao, Zhang Xinyu, Yan Xujia and other explorers to "travel" through five dangerous places in the history of the Chinese revolution, together with Josh James, a Discovery Channel host and explorer from New Zealand.

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