Job opportunities, labor security in bigger cities attract people around Xinjiang
By Bi Ran

In Xinjiang, people are embracing more opportunities when choosing career. They could seek a better life through broader employment channels, professional training, and labor rights protection.

Adili Abdureheman is an employee at the Bayi steel company in Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Through diligent work, he's able to get better training and more work opportunities. Now, he's settled down in the city with his wife, mom, and younger brother.

"The steel products from my company are transported across the country," he said. "Some of the skyscrapers you see may have been built using materials we supplied. I am so proud to work here."

And it's not just in big companies that people are finding opportunities to improve their lives. A more open and diverse society presents young people more possibilities.

Nureaminam, a girl from Kashgar Prefecture in southwest Xinjiang, came to Urumqi last year in March to be a waitress. She likes to show guests how beautiful Xinjiang is, especially the local cuisine. 

"Big cities like Urumqi are more dynamic, and have more young people around here. I made lots of good friends," she said.

"I have high expectations for the future. As long as I work hard, life will become better. I believe in it," added Nureaminam.

In Xinjiang, proactive employment policies have been implemented to guarantee workers' rights. The government said their job preferences and labor rights are the priorities, and more local policies on expanding employment channels and providing training will be created to boost the job market.

The white paper published by China's State Council Information Office in September said workers' job preferences have served as an important reference for the local government of Xinjiang in designing employment policies, which is to ensure that the people can make their own choices about jobs and lead a satisfactory life.

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