Beijing 2022: Prep work of key services ready to serve
Updated 18:34, 23-Nov-2021
By Bi Ran

With the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics around the corner, prep work is underway in key areas like logistics, construction and transportation. Efforts to spruce up the capital before the big event are also quite visible.

Technology will also play a significant role in hosting the event, with a control center platform being set up to bolster security, according to Zhang Yan, a director at the Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Management. 

"To ensure the safety of the event and the city, we have set up a control center and management platform. Via the platform, we can share any updates, information or alerts between a number of departments, seamlessly," Zhang told media at a recent press conference on the Beijing 2022 city services and operations to serve athletes, coaches and visitors during the Games.

Logistics, venue construction and contingent support for the Olympic Games are gearing up. Meanwhile, 142 teams are in place for emergency support around game zones, and urban landscaping is set for three main game zones: downtown Beijing, Yanqing District and Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province. All of the beautification projects are to be completed by mid-January.

Beijing 2022 will kick off during Spring Festival. According to the officials in charge of city landscaping, the beautification projects within these three areas will be based on several Chinese cultural elements, presenting a festive vibe while highlighting the sporting spirit.

"To follow our 'Go-Green' concept, an advanced transportation network was formed, connecting these three event areas. Citizens can take public transportation to different venues to watch the games. The vehicles are eco-friendly and will be reused after the games," said Ding Jianming, director at the Beijing Major Projects Construction Headquarters Office.

The Winter Olympic venues in Beijing are designed and constructed to be eco-friendly and will serve as research centers for winter sports in the future.

To counter the potential risk of a COVID outbreak, the organizing committee has made a comprehensive plan. Per the pandemic control team of the Beijing 2022 organizing committee, strict testing and measure implementation and timely support services will be in place during sporting events.

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