China stresses 'two-state solution' in resolving Palestinian question
Updated 22:58, 23-Nov-2021

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Tuesday stressed the "two-state solution" in resolving the Palestinian question. 

Wang made the remarks in his phone conversation with Palestinian deputy prime minister Ziad Abu Amr. 

Wang said the Palestinian question is the core question in the Middle East and that lasting peace cannot be achieved without an equitable solution to the issue.

China believes that the international community should uphold the "land for peace" principle and realize that the "two-state solution" is the only realistic path to resolving the Palestinian question.

According to Wang, China puts forward the following three ideas.

First, the authority of the Palestinian National Authority should be enhanced, and it should be authorized to exercise sovereign functions in security, finance and other areas to gain effective control over the autonomous and occupied territories.

Second, the Palestinian factions should be supported for greater unity, whereby they can achieve internal reconciliation through consultation and dialogue and come to a unified position on talks for the settlement of the Palestinian question.

Third, Palestine and Israel should be encouraged to resume peace talks based on the "two-state solution."

Wang said China supports Palestine's proposal of holding an international peace conference led by the United Nations (UN) with the participation of the permanent members of the UN Security Council and all stakeholders in the Middle East peace process.

Palestinian and Israeli negotiators are welcome to conduct direct talks in China, Wang said.

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