Grooming services to help athletes look sharp at Beijing 2022
Updated 08:15, 01-Dec-2021
Cao Chufeng

Athletes must stay in a closed loop during the 2022 Winter Olympic Games due to COVID-19, but they can still enjoy a range of services, including manicures and hairdressing, in the Olympic Villages. 

The hairdressers and beauticians who have been assigned the job have been taking special classes to ensure high-quality services for athletes and coaches.

"All of our staff who will be working for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics will take training courses in epidemic prevention measures, English, etiquette, service standards and response in special circumstances," Zhu Youcheng, the leader of 2022 Winter Olympic grooming service team, said.

The 19-member team will work across three Olympic Villages.

They'll have their hands full, because they'll be serving more than 1,000 athletes and coaches from around the world. And they're hoping to give them a real Olympic experience.

"We looked at past Winter Olympics to see what athletes like to do with their hair and nails. We are also prepared to do nail paintings that are inspired by 2022 Olympics' emblem, or elements from athletes' home countries," Zhu said.

Since they will be in close contact with athletes and coaches, the team will have to work under the strictest COVID-19 protocols.

Gaston Chee, a co-founder of the service provider, said they will only use disposable towels during washes. N95 face masks, face or eye covers, and disposable bibs for staff and customers, will be required at all times in the salons. They must also make sure all tools and pieces of equipment are regularly disinfected.

"Some of the hygiene measures were suggested by the Beijing organizing committee, and some were laid down by ourselves based on the experiences we've had during the pandemic," Zhu said.

The team said they can't wait to show the world the warm hospitality of the Chinese people, and let the world's top athletes have a taste of China's world-class grooming industry.

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