Foreign officials congratulate China's overseas broadcasting services on 80 years in the business
Updated 18:56, 05-Dec-2021

Yan'an Xinhua Radio Station, the predecessor of the China Media Group's (CMG) China National Radio (CNR) and China Radio International (CRI), launched a broadcasting service on December 3, 1941, heralding the start of China's overseas broadcasting services. Decades later, the service is still going strong, and officials and organizations from different countries and regions recently sent letters and videos to CMG to congratulate the broadcaster on the 80th anniversary of China's first overseas broadcasting service.

"Congratulations to China's international broadcasters," said British Consul-General to Chongqing Stephen Ellison in his congratulatory video. 

"It is a very important milestone, and I pass my congratulations," he said.

Further afield, Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov hailed the timely and accurate news dissemination in his congratulatory video.

"CMG provides timely, accurate and comprehensive news and information on international politics, economy, culture and sports around the clock," Denisov said, adding that CMG has professionals, "who always uphold the principle of objectivity and fairness in news reporting and have won the high trust and lasting attention of the global audience."

Echoing Denisov's sentiments, Deputy of Indonesian People's Consultative Assembly Lestari Moerdijat complimented the service for accurate news reporting that resonates with people everywhere. 


"CMG's program witnessed the fact where the news happened, which not only promoted the dissemination of the truth but also inspired the thinking of the audience and aroused the resonance of the global audience," Moerdijat said in his congratulatory video.

In his congratulatory letter, Kenneth Lusaka, speaker of the Kenyan Senate, said the broadcasting service has helped create closer relations and better understanding between China and other countries, citing the publication of news on the joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, China-Africa cooperation in the fight against the pandemic and through local programs aimed at introducing China to Africa and vice versa.

"The launch of China's external broadcasting program is a historic event," said Hungarian Workers' Party chairman Gyula Thürmer in his letter to CMG, adding that it enables people worldwide to understand China and the country's will for peace.

Outside of the China Central Television (CCTV) Headquarters in Beijing. /CFP

Outside of the China Central Television (CCTV) Headquarters in Beijing. /CFP

CMG has played an essential role in maintaining communication between society and government, civil society and citizens, said Rwandan Ambassador to China James Kimonyo. "CMG ensures that economic, social and cultural cooperation can be strengthened through the media."

Noting that the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's International Broadcasting coincides with the Greek-Chinese Year of Culture and Tourism in his congratulations, the Greek Ambassador to China, George Iliopoulos, looked forward to future cooperation in his congratulations.

"The Greek Embassy in China looks forward to deepening cooperation with CMG and introducing the Greek-Chinese Year of Culture and Tourism activities and significance to the Chinese audience," Iliopoulos said.

Meanwhile, Babik Valeri, chairman of the association of Ukrainian politicians, recalled the tremendous support he received from Chinese media when he wanted "to produce a documentary series about Chinese civilization, history and culture."

"I have visited China many times and received support from Chinese media and the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine," recalled Valeri in his greetings.

"Thanks to the efforts of the Ukrainian language department, Ukrainian audiences can get more information about China without relying on Washington, London, Paris or Moscow, which reduces the distance between Kiev and Beijing and is of great significance for promoting exchanges between the two countries."

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