Malaysian media: U.S. isn't a democracy yet in the strict sense

Malaysian media the New Straits Times (NST) has said the U.S. "isn't a democracy yet in the strict sense," and it's funny for a country to preach what it doesn't practice, as the so-called "summit for democracy" initiated by the U.S. is around the corner.

In an editorial published on Monday, the NST proposed three things U.S. President Joe Biden needs to do to avoid this democracy "thingy" becoming a complete farce. 

Firstly, he must start at home and then convince his allies to do the same before he hawks democracy to others, said the report. 

It said America's lawmakers are trafficking in anti-Black, anti-Muslim and xenophobic hatred, and the latest offender is Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, who referred to fellow Congresswoman Ilham Omar as a member of a "jihad" group. 

Secondly, Biden must allow the International Criminal Court to investigate war crimes allegedly committed by American soldiers and civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq, the report continued. 

This must include the investigation of former President George Bush and his living cabinet members, according to the report. 

Finally, should Biden succeed in making America a respecter of human rights, he can work on his "elsewhere," said NST, adding that the first place for him to begin outside of the U.S. must be in Palestine.

(Cover: The White House in Washington, D.C., U.S. /Xinhua)

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