Looking for 'Ashima': The Media Challengers Yunnan team's documentary

In southwest China's Yunnan Province, there is an ancient legend shrouded in mystery. A beautiful and kindhearted Sani girl of the Yi ethnicity named Ashima, who did not bow to evil forces, transformed herself into a stone statue to escape from bullying while pining every day for the return of her lover. Using "Looking for Ashima" as its theme, the Media Challengers Yunnan team filmed and produced its members' teamwork and created a cultural and soulful documentary. The video was first shown during the Media Challengers finale on September 28, when it was judged by media professionals and online judges, along with videos presented by the three other finalist teams.

The CGTN Media Challengers campaign began on April 8, 2021, with the goal of looking for English-speaking presenters, on-camera reporters, DJs and social media influencers to report and create content from all over the world. Thousands of outstanding applicants from more than 130 countries and regions have participated in the campaign. The Media Challengers held its finals in September. CGTN is now in close contact with outstanding participants who are interested in becoming the next faces and voices of CGTN.

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