Digital 'woodpecker' launched to protect ecology of Qinling Mountains

The first mobile supervision station to protect the rich ecology of Qinling Mountains was inaugurated in Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province.

The station has 13 patrolling vehicles equipped with drones, an intercom system, geographical positioning and assessing systems to detect a problem. The systems help analyze the situation before transmitting the information to the control center.

Meanwhile, authorities have also posted QR codes posted on the vehicle. The code would help people scan and report any environment-related violations in the area.

The patrolling area will cover nine districts surrounding the mountains. The information and data collected by the vehicles can be shared in real-time, which greatly improves the efficiency in tackling the emerging environmental violation.

The station is named "Woodpecker." It is part of digitalized environmental protection management in the Qinling Mountains.

(Image via VCG)

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