Love Knows No Borders international charity sales kick off in Beijing
Wang Hui

An annual international charity sale, which invites foreign embassies, organizations and companies to showcase their countries' products, began in Beijing on Saturday. The money raised from the event would be sent to poor Chinese regions.

Over 160 representatives from foreign embassies, international organizations and companies participated in the opening ceremony of the 13th "Love Knows No Borders" international charity sales online and offline platforms.

Qian Wei, the wife of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, launched the event in 2009.

Foreign embassies based in China and international organizations have joined hands to support China's poor counties and villages to improve education, healthcare, and infrastructure through charity sales.

"China has achieved a comprehensive victory in eliminating extreme poverty this year, and is putting all-round efforts in the country's rural revitalization. People's health is an important goal of rural revitalization. So, we set the theme of this year's event as rural revitalization, health care first," says Qian.

The profit from this year's event will be used to upgrade the medical equipment at People's Hospital of Jinping County and the Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital of Malipo County in southwest China's Yunnan Province.

Due to the pandemic, charity sales were held online this year.

International organization representatives and diplomats are participating in sales that are being live-streamed.  Diplomats from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Ireland, Italy, Indonesia, and Moldova are participating the week-long event taking place through online retailer Taobao.

Moldova's ambassador to China has brought more than 400 bottles of wine, valued at nearly $20,000.

"I'm very happy. I think it's a new record because in a few seconds, we sold out more than 400 bottles of wine. I'm very happy with this result. And second, I'm very happy, because through this channel, we can help to solve some problems of the children in some villages of China. It's our input to make life better in China," says Dumitru Braghis, the Moldovan Ambassador to China.

Gianpaolo Bruno, the Italian Trade Commissioner to China, has also brought vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and wine to the event. "I'm very proud and honored to represent Italy.  I think all the world should be united, put us on their problems and get ready to help."

Twenty-two embassies and international organizations were recognized with awards for their contributions to the program in the past 12 years.

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