China now has over 1.3 million 5G base stations: MIIT
A 5G base station in Beijing, China, June 3, 2021. /CFP

A 5G base station in Beijing, China, June 3, 2021. /CFP

China has launched more than 1.3 million 5G base stations so far amid the country's efforts at expanding its 5G network coverage, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). 

To date, the number of 5G users in China has reached 497 million, MIIT Minister Xiao Yaqing said on Monday. 

In 2022, the country will further boost its information and communication technologies and advance the construction of 5G services and gigabit fiber optic networks in a stable and orderly manner, Xiao added. 

China expects to see the number of 5G users exceed 560 million by 2023, according to a guideline released in July. 

By then, the 5G network is expected to be used by over 40 percent of personal mobile phone users, and every 10,000 people in China will enjoy more than 18 5G base stations, the guideline said.

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency

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