New Wind Vane: Trendsetting Gen Z and brand resurgence
By He Yuhan

Gen Zers are coming of age, and they represent the engine of consumption and innovation for the next decades. Despite the challenges and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Gen Z startup founders are changing the world with their own hands. 

CGTN Think Tank hosted a special program, "New Wind Vane: Trendsetting Gen Z and Brand Resurgence," with eight entrepreneurs and one expert to discuss how young entrepreneurs deal with difficult moments and turn their dreams into reality. 

Most guest speakers said Gen Z is more self-driven and open-minded than preceding generations. Alley Liang, founder of the beauty company Aureline&Co., said natural is Gen Z's new normal. While Monica Chan, an education professional, underlined that Gen Zers no longer considered esteemed college diplomas as the only way to success.  

Startups founders confront internal and external challenges; however, external threats tend to be harder to deal with. Of the seven "darkest moment" stories, four entrepreneurs agreed that external challenges, including powerful competitors, sales dips and industry scandals, could contribute directly to the doom of a fledgling company. 

Saving a company needs teamwork, reckoned Jesse Yang, the partner of EasyTransfer. He listed three key traits of his ideal employee: professionalism, dynamism and altruism.  

He said he hopes that his employees could act as his partner, putting social values on an equal footing with economic profit. His employee, Teddy, backed up his boss by stating "lifestyle matching" and "sharpness" as two key personalities he sought on leaders. 

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