China's Zhejiang reports no new locally transmitted cases for first time since Dec. 5
Bi Ran

East China's Zhejiang Province on Tuesday reported one imported COVID-19 case and two imported asymptomatic carriers, but no new locally transmitted cases or asymptomatic cases, marking the first time since December 5 that no locally transmitted cases have been reported, the provincial health commission said Wednesday.

Zhejiang is among the provinces battling the recent COVID-19 outbreak. The epicenter of the latest flareup is the city of Shaoxing, south of Zhejiang's capital city Hangzhou.

Shaoxing reported hundreds of COVID-19 cases a week ago – all of them were linked to local transmissions. But local health officials have been reporting a slowdown in infections. The worst-hit areas in the city are still under lockdown.

In Shaoxing, communities carry out preventive measures in order, complementing the existing province-wide COVID-19 control work.

Community workers play key role in virus prevention

Shang Chao is a volunteer in a block of the Taoyan community that's been on lockdown since one confirmed case was detected in the neighborhood. She takes care of the medicine purchasing and delivery for residents in self-quarantine. 

Due to the quarantine, the daily lives of residents in a lot of blocks there are affected more or less.

"We get to know residents' needs on medicine via a special app or online chat. They prepare their health insurance card, prescriptions, contact info, and a list of special needs, and give these to the health workers. Each day, the health workers pass these on to us after they've done the COVID-19 tests in the quarantine zone, so we can go out and make purchases for the residents," said Shang.

The communities in Shaoxing have a detailed plan to help people in quarantine. This plan includes regular health checks, three meals a day, and prescription medicine delivery.

Centralized quarantine sites are under construction in Shaoxing, east China's Zhejiang Province. /CGTN

Centralized quarantine sites are under construction in Shaoxing, east China's Zhejiang Province. /CGTN

Jin Pingjun, director of the Taoyan Community Office, said that the situation is getting better now. 

"There are 204 people in quarantine within this area. We did lots of work to check every family's health situation when the outbreak started. People are cooperative, and volunteers are very dedicated to serving the neighbors," she added. 

Thanks to these virus prevention measures and the efforts of community workers, Zhejiang is seeing a slowdown of new COVID-19 infections, according to local residents.

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