Chinese firms seek to share solutions for global cooperation through Beijing forum

A number of digital sharing deals were made this year in Beijing at the World Digital Economy Forum, which has been dubbed the "Davos" of the digital economy. This comes as many countries are seeing visions of unmanned supermarkets, online payment systems, global wallets and smart agriculture become a reality.

China is at the forefront of the digital economy, where footprints are easily recorded and preferences can be predicted. Transactions can be made quicker and life is becoming more convenient. Now, forums on the digital economy are providing more enterprises communication platforms with the hope of sharing China's digital convenience with the rest of the world.

The event's organizers said China has accounted for more than a third of the world's growth rate this year due to the digital economy. They said they are hoping to hold more forums on other continents to deepen business exchanges in the digital field.

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