'China in the Classics': Discovery of 'Dao De Jing' in Chu bamboo slips
Updated 23:20, 23-Dec-2021

As a key innovative cultural show produced by CMG, "China in the Classics" examines the stirring stories of ancient Chinese classics by selecting the most outstanding of these traditional cultural masterpieces and examining the creation process and core ideology in a form that combines cultural seminars, drama and visualization. It brings the ancient classics "alive," demonstrating Chinese wisdom, ethos and values implied in the ancient classics.

This episode starts with an archaeological discovery that provided clues about when "Dao De Jing" was finished.

In October 1993, archaeologists found "Dao De Jing" manuscripts while sorting through Chu bamboo slips unearthed in Guodian. Its content proves that "Dao De Jing" was finished no later than the middle of the Warring States period. The discovery caused a sensation in the international academic community and sparked dialogue between Eastern and Western scholars about "Dao De Jing."

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