Carbon emission information system helps make cleaner car industry

The industrial carbon emission information system officially went into operation in north China's Tianjin Municipality, which has moved the country a step forward towards its green development blueprint.

The system, primarily built for the automobile industry, will cover other industrial manufacturing sectors in the future.

The system now covers 27 car companies, with 68 registered units and 143 accounts. It involves more than 200 carbon footprint storage products, according to the data from the China Automotive Technology and Research Center.

"The transportation sector's carbon emissions account for nearly nine percent of the total amount in China and grow at a fast rate. Therefore, speeding up the establishment of a sound carbon emission management system and a green and low-carbon basic data platform for the entire lifecycle of the product is important for the green development of the automobile industry in the future," said Wu Zhixin, deputy general manager of the China Automotive Technology and Research Center.

Experts say that as the automobile industry has a long and complex industrial chain with connections with over 150 other sectors, establishing a sound carbon emission management system for the industry is very important.

"China will  set up series of standards such as technical specifications for carbon emission calculation and carbon marking technology. At the same time, an environmental information disclosure mechanism for the automobile industry should also be established in order to reveal the relevant information to the general public." Wu said.

The center is an institution to provide technical support for the central authorities to make plans for the automobile industry.

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