Students revive traditional Chinese culture in design competition
By Guo Tianqi

Traditional Chinese customs may be waning, but young students are finding ways to rejuvenate them. Through a competition called "The Heart of Beijing – Dream Interesting You," some young students had a perfect platform to showcase their talent and ideas.

Peng Ming, of Beijing Forestry University, won the competition, by combining Beijing's famous acrobatic culture with traditional animals within five characters.

"These images can be used as game characters or can be printed on cultural and creative products," Peng said.

At the heart of the competition is the concept of design and bringing ideas to life. 

An environmental protection-themed board game designed by high school student was one example.

"You want to prevent your pollution from getting too high, but keep developing your country into a utopia," said Wu Jiayi of Tsinghua University High School International, one of the designers of the game.

Chinese authorities have been pushing the country's spirit of innovation. Organizers are encouraging students to revitalize traditional culture by mixing modern technology with their own design and creative talents. Meanwhile, many companies are eager to help make products.

"Young people's different understanding of traditional culture can enhance their national confidence, and the prospect of traditional culture going abroad is bright," said Song Xu, deputy director of Beijing's Dongcheng District Culture and Tourism Bureau.

"Incubation is something we really want to do, and as a matter of fact, our partners are actually eager to join us. We really want to demonstrate that the technology and culture are a good pair," Robert H. Xiao, CEO of one of the organizers Perfect World, told CGTN.

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