U.S. politicization of human rights erodes foundation of human rights governance: report
Updated 11:43, 27-Dec-2021

A report published on Monday revealed that the United States has brazenly resorted to human rights politicization to maintain its political interests and global hegemony. 

Released by the China Society for Human Rights Studies, the report said that the behaviors of the United States have seriously eroded the foundation that underlies the global human rights governance, gravely threatened the international development of human rights cause, and generated outrageously destructive consequences. 

Means the country employed include adopting selective and double standards and imposing unilateral coercion, said the report. 

It looked at the historical process of U.S. politicization of human rights as well as its deep-rooted reason and manifestations. 

The historical trajectory of America's attitude toward human rights indicates that it has always viewed human rights as a tool for political struggle, both when it snubbed and rejected the subject in the early stage and when it wielded the baton of human rights around later, said the report. 

"Its attitude hinges on to what extent human rights can serve its political strategy," the report said. 

The disastrous consequences of U.S. politicization of human rights have made people realize, ever more deeply, that the non-politicization of human rights is the foundation and precondition for smooth global governance of human rights and that preventing and curbing human rights politicization is an important guarantee for promoting the sound development of the international human rights cause, the report noted. 

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency

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