Seasons in Sounds: Can you recognize a season just from its sounds?

We all know that nature has diverse colors and shapes. It also produces a variety of sounds. From different creatures to different living environments, as well as different seasons, we can enjoy the music of nature in many conditions. 

As 2021 ends, we present some typical sounds from different seasons. Can you recognize a season just from its sounds? 


Spring is the nesting season for most birds, hence the first sound we present is the calling of magpies as they are very common in both cities and the wild. 

Magpies in spring.mp3


Jingzhe, or the Awakening of Insects, is one of the solar terms of the Chinese lunar calendar, representing the beginning of a series of animal activities. With the first spring thunderstorm, hibernating animals, insects and plants wake up and enjoy the rain. 

Spring thunderstorm.mp3


Many people enjoy a spring walk in the woods as they can enjoy the smell of the moist soil, the delightful color of trees and the singing of birds.

Spring in the woods.mp3


When summer comes, many insects play their "music" at night. Some of them use their voices to attract mates or to communicate. Some noises come from the high whine of a mosquito flying. 

Summer night.mp3


Cicadas are the loudest insects in the world. During the daytime, male cicadas take the stage and use their loud voices to attract females.

Cicadas in summer.mp3


Many people spend their vacation at the seaside where the sea breeze and waves can take away the summer heat.

Gentle sea.mp3


Soon, autumn arrives, with the typical crunching sounds of fallen leaves. 

Autumn leaves.mp3


At this time, migratory birds such as geese start their journey to a warmer winter spot.

Geese fly.mp3


Winter can be very quiet, but any creature walking on ice and snow can make other crunching sounds. 

Winter footsteps.mp3


As temperatures rise, frozen lakes begin to thaw and spring comes again.

Frozen stream water.mp3


Spring cranes.mp3


(Imagines from CFP, audios from Freesound)

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